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X-Rated Drinking Game for Couples

X-Rated Drinking Game for Couples

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This is our first extension pack, Drunk in Love X-RATED. There's 50 unique new cards that just might lead you to the bedroom! If you're looking to really level up your intimacy with your partner, this is for you. 

Same rules apply from our original deck. 

How to play: Drunk in Love: X-Rated is simple. There are 2 players: you and your partner. Each of you alternate drawing a card. If you draw an Or Drink card, you must do what it says or drink. If you draw a Drink If card, the card applies to both you and your partner, so whoever it applies to must drink.  

  • 28 Or Drink Cards
  • 22 Drink If Cards

Play responsibly. Most cards are explicit. Cards may test your relationship and loyalty. Play at your own risk.

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