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Game On! Football Drinking Game

Game On! Football Drinking Game

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Watching football just got even better with our Game On! Football Drinking Game. All you need is some friends, drinks, and of course, a game to watch.

  • Works for any NFL or College Football Game!
  • Fun way to get everyone involved during the game!
  • Super easy to play!

Rules: Game On! Football Drinking Game is simple.Everyone takes turns drawing cards. If a card does not apply yet, put it back in the bottom of the deck. If the card is for a certain time period in the game, hang on to it. Includes 60 drinking cards and 15 non-drinking cards:

  • The red cards are drinking cards and apply to everyone.
  • The black cards are drinking cards, but only apply to the person who pulls it.
  • The white cards are "Convo Cards" and are conversation starters for everyone to discuss.

Play and drink responsibly. Play at your own risk. Full disclaimer on:


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