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Date Night Drinking Game for Couples

Date Night Drinking Game for Couples

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How well do you really know your partner? Put your knowledge of your significant other to the test with Date Night, our most wholesome game. Light a candle, grab your favorite drinks, and play on your next date night! 

How to play: Date Night is all about getting closer and putting your knowledge of your partner to the test. There are 2 players: you and your partner. Each of you alternate drawing a card. There are 2 types of cards: HOT cards and DEEP cards.  Some like it hot and some like it deep! If you draw a HOT card, you must get the question about your partner right or drink. If you draw a DEEP card, you can answer or drink. 

Every time you get a HOT one right, you get a point. Keep track of points, the person with the most points at the end gets to choose their prize from their partner ;)

Includes 74 playing cards and 1 rule card:

  • 47 HOT cards that test your knowledge of your partner, get it right on the spot or drink
  • 27 DEEP cards to get to know your partner even better than before, share or drink

Some fees may apply for international orders depending on country.

Play responsibly. Some cards are explicit. Cards may test your relationship and loyalty. Play at your own risk.

Card artwork subject to change. © 2021 DLDG, LLC  

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